Pre-order Instruction and conditions

When a product has been expressly indicated as a Product available with pre-order*, we ask you, before confirming the transaction and payment in your cart, to pay particular attention and to consult our sales conditions regarding the Pre-order.

Question Definition of the ``Product available with pre-order``
AnswerThe Products available with pre-order* are offered on before the date of their actual marketing or in the absence of stock, with the pre-order method. The Pre-ordered Products will be appropriately and clearly marked on the site.
Question How to confirm, modify and cancel the pre-order
AnswerA Pre-order involves the acceptance by the user of a waiting period before the product is shipped. The expected waiting period is communicated on the site or through a specific communication via e-mail. Users who have made a Pre-order will be informed, by e-mail, of any change regarding the dates, or in case of cancellation of their Pre-order. By sending an e-mail to, a user can, at any time and free of charge, cancel his Pre-order, before the product in question has been sent.
Question When will the Pre-order payment be charged?
AnswerPayment will be requested at the time of the Pre-order. In the event that the owner cancels a Pre-order, the customer will be reimbursed for each amount paid in relation to the Pre-Order canceled. The customer will not be granted any further compensation following the cancellation of the Pre-order.
Question Can I make a Pre-order for a customized product if I can't find the right size?
AnswerFor sizes other than those offered on our site, and for garments made at the customer’s request, we are happy to listen to your needs. The feasibility and the relative time for the realization, as well as the price and method of payment will be agreed with our Customer service. We kindly ask our customers to call us at +39 3407173530 (also via WhatsApp) or send us an email to