Open top collar coat, 100% cashmere
Made in Italy

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High collar open coat made of Hircus fur yarn, noble cashmere from Mongolia, knitted with half-cardigan stitch. Polo with faux lacing, mother-of-pearl buttons, hand-finished buttonholes and eyelets, plain knit edging, 1-yarn knitting.
Available in 2 colors: Matt-Ecru, Sage-Ecru.


Cashmere is a sturdy and durable fiber: if you have the care to follow some simple instructions in washing and drying, a quality cashmere garment will retain its original features for many years.
Hand washing is recommended, but it can also be machine washed, making sure to set the gentle wash cycle.

Dissolve a small amount of mild wool detergent in water. Dip only one garment at a time and inside out.
Let it absorb all the water. Massage the garment, pressing it gently, avoiding to twist it.
After that rinse it in running water until all traces of detergent have disappeared.

Put the garment inside out in the washing machine or, better still, in a specific envelope for washing underwear.
Add a small amount of mild wool detergent.
Select a short program for wool or delicate items with a temperature never above 30 ° C. Never centrifuge.

After washing, lay the garment on a towel and, without pressing too much, roll it up on itself to remove excess water.
Then let the garment dry on a flat, horizontal surface, away from heat and sunlight.

Once the season of use is over, the cashmere garment must be washed and put in a special garment bag then stored in a cool place.


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