Size Guide - Dog couture

Select your dog’s breed (or similar) and you will find the recommended size:

The size suggested here is indicative, referring to adulthood and the common size of the selected breed.
To find the most suitable size, we advise you to take the measurements of your dog according to the instructions and compare them with those corresponding to the sizes concerned.

Considering the soft fit of Maffei 12 Milano garments, the shirt adapts to small differences in size.
If a size is not available or for any doubt, please call us at the number +39 3755852968 (also via WhatsApp)

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Back: the length from the base of the neck to the attachment of the tail
Chest: the circumference at the most prominent point behind the front legs
Neck: the circumference at the base of the neck

Compare the measurements:

XS – Short (size 25)
Length: 25 cm
Chest: 28 cm
Neck: 22 cm

Breeds of reference:
Yorkshire Terrier

XS – Long (size 27)
Length: 27 cm
Chest: 30 cm
Neck: 23 cm

S – Short (size 30)
Length: 30 cm
Chest: 32 cm
Neck: 24 cm

Breeds of reference:
Maltese Toy
Shih Tzu

S – Long (size 33)
Length: 33 cm
Chest: 34 cm
Neck: 26 cm

Breeds of reference:
Miniature Dachshund
French Bulldog
Toy Poodle

M  (size 36)
Length: 36 cm
Chest: 36 cm
Neck: 28 cm

Breeds of reference:
Fox Terrier
Miniature Poodle
West Highland Terrier

L  (size 39)
Length: 39 cm
Chest: 38 cm
Neck: 30 cm

Breeds of reference:
Cavalier King
Jack Russell Terrier
Miniature Poddle
Miniature Schnauzer

XL  (size 43)
Length: 43 cm
Chest: 40 cm
Neck: 32 cm

Breeds of reference:
Miniature Cocker Spaniel

XXL  (size 45)
Length: 45 cm
Chest: 56 cm
Neck: 44 cm

Breeds of reference:
Cocker Spaniel
Poddle Middle
Standard Schnauzer

XXXL  (size 47)
Length: 47 cm
Chest: 58 cm
Neck: 46 cm

Breeds of reference:
Giant Schnauzer
Standard Poodle